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  • Are you looking to upgrade the convenience of managing your home to a whole new level?
  • Or do you want to improve the security of your home with the right smart door lock?
  • And are you overwhelmed by all the different specifications and numerous product options?

If you answered a firm ‘yes’ to any of the above questions… then this is for you!

Our Mission: To Help People Feel More Safe & Comfortable Inside Their Homes Through The Use of Smart Home Technology

There’s no place like home. So many expressions tell us how important our homes are to us. These expressions show that our home is one of the most vital things we have, where we want to feel safe with our beloved ones and our belongings.

It is human nature to seek out the best preventative and security methods so we can protect our most valuable belongings.

So if you want to improve your home security and upgrade the convenience of managing your home as well, it can be overwhelming. You might not know where to start, so that’s why we’ve done all that work for you. We’ve tested and checked an incredible amount of smart door locks and we’ve built an extensive library of guides and FAQs to help you improve the security and the convenience of managing your home.

Start Improving The Security of Your Home Today

We have tried and tested many different products on the market. And we only recommend the products that are safe and work. We have gone above and beyond to identify the best smart door locks in the market. Check out our expert tips and guides, apply them in your home and enjoy the convenience and security of your new smart home!

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👋 Hi, I am Frank Hauser and I am the founder and dedicated reviewer for GenieSmartLock. As a smart home enthusiast, I apply my knowledge to make sure you can easily find the right smart lock and smart home solutions to make your home safe. If you have any questions about our guides and reviews, feel free to contact me.